Bremen Seebaldsbrück

New Apostolic Church

Builder:Reinhard Hüfken
Year build:2005
Voice pitch:440 Hz bei 18°C

The space to be designed for the new church is designed so that the heart of the worship event - altar, proclamation and praise for God - forms a common area of the church. 

The organ case is made of solid oak with frame and filling.

The case is framed by two side panels in which the large pipes of the Violin Principal 8' (sounding) are placed. Behind these are the pedal shutters of the C and Cs side with the front side facing the brochure. 

 The middle part of the organ is divided into six sections. Behind the upper three fields, in which silent pipes stand, the swell is concealed. In the lower brochure fields there are sounding pipes of the octave 4'. Behind them is the Hauptwerk.