Protestant Church

Caputh near Potsdam

The organ of the Protestant Church of Caputh is rebuilt using the historically grown stock of pipes from Carl Ludwig Gesell's 1852 instrument and Alexander Schuke's 1926 organ. Instead of the pneumatic organ system of 1926, a mechanical slider chest organ with 20 stops is built. The historical prospectus of 1852 is maintained. The pictures above show the state of the organ restoration / renewal of January 4, 2004 as well as our employees Michael Treblin and Daniel Gatzsche working on the Caputh organ.


The organ builder family Gesell in Potsdam

1809 - 1867


Carl Ludwig Gesell: Carl Ludwig Gesell completed his training at the organ building company Haas in Lucerne and then worked as a journeyman at the company Heise in Potsdam.




Carl Ludwig Gesell takes over the company Heise. Primarily single-manual works are built.


1845 - 1894


Carl Eduard Gesell: Carl Eduard Gesell completed his training as an organ builder in his father's workshop and worked from 1863 to 1867 in Cologne for Sonreck and in Herford for Meyer.




Carl Eduard Gesell takes over his father's company. He builds mainly single manual organs in the Potsdam area but also abroad ( Buenos Aires and Constantinople). Carl Eduard Gesell remained childless.




Alexander Schuke (1870 - 1933), pupil of Carl Eduard Gesell takes over the company at the age of 24.


Sources: Herrmann Fischer "100 Years Association of German Organ Builders 1891 - 1991"