Masterpiece 2012

Just as the construction of every organ is a special challenge, Johannes Hüfken did not want to be satisfied with the specification for his masterpiece - the construction of a functional organ system with console, sound and stop action, windchest, canal and bellows system as well as a metal and wooden stop each.

And so the idea arose to build a claviorganum - a harpsichord and a chest organ combined as one instrument. 

Since the organ was to be modeled after Dom Bédo's (1709 - 1779) description, the construction of a French or Flemish harpsichord also made sense. So the decision was made for a concept after Albert Delin (1712 - 1771), whereby the main focus was on taking over the scales from Delin. The harpsichord is adapted to the exact size of the organ. Thus the harpsichord is not a faithful replica of the original.

      In order to make the instrument more versatile, Johannes Huefken designed the instrument so that it can be used together (coupled) on the one hand. On the other hand, the instrument can be set up and played individually both as a harpsichord and as a chest organ.