New Apostolic Church


The information on this page was provided to us by the New Apostolic Church Hamburg Eppendorf. The organ consists of three separate works, which can be played individually or together. The individual works are played by their own "keyboard" (manual or pedal).


Structure of the organ

(Kopie 3)

New Apostolic Church Hamburg-Eppendorf 2002


The church room with cross, altar, sun window and organ form an ensemble for the observer:

The cross as a sign of salvation - God's turning towards this world.

The altar as a symbol of devotion - the devotion of the church to God.

The sun window refers to God's light - light from the other world.

The organ in its wide pointed towers can be understood as an image for the community - different in form, size and function, but only forming a whole together, closed in itself, but radiating in its turn towards the cross and altar as well as towards visitors and listeners.

Inauguration of the organ