Compenius memorial organ


Compenius memorial organ in Kroppenstedt

Constructor:Shell 1611 by Esaias Compenius d. Ä./ new organ building Reinhard Hüfken
Year of manufacture:2014
System:Mechanical slider chest organ
Bellows system:2 multi-convolution magazine bellows under the gallery floor can be operated manually 
Wind pressure:60mm Ws
Pitch:a' 465Hz bei 15°C
Mood type:Meantone
Tonal range:C,D,E - a''DISPOSITION

New construction of the Compenius commemorative organ


During the repair of the Reubke organ in Kroppenstedt it turned out that this organ contained 4 almost complete stops from the predecessor organ of Compenius. The Rückpositiv, inserted by Reubke into a flat front of a brochure, was only available in the view, but without the work behind it, a special challenge was the desire to make the Compenius pipes usable as separate sound bodies with a corresponding historical tuning. However, this unit should remain behind the original prospectus. Space was available for a separate wind chest behind the Rückpositiv prospectus.



However, both the space for a separate console on the gallery and the space for a second wind turbine were missing, since the wind pressure for the old pipes had to be completely different from that for the Reubke organ with... mmWS.The solution was a separate console under the Rückpositiv with direct allusion to the valves via wooden abstracts or iron stop bars. The abstracts run protected in a glass case, so that the organist has direct eye contact with the altar and the community.

According to the Compenius organ in Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark, the memorial organ was fitted with a bellows system which is filled by hand using two bellows. The bellows were installed under the gallery so that this bellows system would disturb the impression of the church as little as possible. Until 1917 these stood silently in the organ case as decoration and then had to be handed over for war purposes. Since then the brochure fields were hung with cloth.




In order to extend the playing possibilities of the Compenius-Gedenk-Orgel, the scale length of the former Compenius-Organ was determined on the basis of the existing prospect fields and the still existing prospect raster and corresponding pipes were rebuilt.In addition to the original stops Grobgedect 8', Quintadena 8', Rohrflöten 4' and Gemshornern 2', Principal 8' and 4' can be played.or This allows the player to play Principal 8' and 4' in addition to the original stops Grobgedect 8', Quintadena 8', Rohrflöten 4' and Gemshörn 2'.
The view of the Renaissance case reflects Compenius and it is amazing how this small organ fills the church acoustically and can almost be "overlooked" on the other side.