Location:Pretzin St. Thomas
Constructor:Orgelbau Reinhard Hüfken
Year of manufacture:1992
System:Mechanical slider chest

Protestant Church of St. Thomas

Pretzin Organ Construction

The Romanesque church in Pretzin dates from 1140 and there are many murals inside.The location of the organ in the rear nave was limited by the following specifications:
For this reason the organ was given a very slender version, so that one can go to the Holy Sepulchre next to the foundation of the organ. The pedal mechanism and blower received a separate casing outside the organ on the west/south wall. The main work is hidden behind the three large fields in the superstructure. The II manual as chest is above the console.

The fresco painting with the soul scale should not be adjusted and the two round windows at the back wall of the church with its axis of light to the altar should be kept free. Furthermore, access to the Holy Sepulchre should be given on the north side behind the organ.