Restoration of the organ

St. Mary Church in Köthen

A special feature of this organ is the square single-convolution magazine bellows for the swell unit. The opposite folds move inwards or outwards. This system almost compensates for wind pressure fluctuations - regardless of the bellows rise.


Erbauer:Feith-Eggert, Paderborn
Year of manufacture:1933
Rescheduling:1945 by master organ builder Hans Michel, Crimmitschau
System:Electro-pneumatic case chest
Bellows system:Double-convolution magazine bellows with creator
For swell unit: Single-convolution magazine bellows
Wind production:Electrical
Wind pressure:According to inscription 80 mm WS
Tonal range I. Maual C - g3
II. Manual C - g4 (Pipes of the last octave are all finished)
Pedal C - f'