Restoration of the Rühlmann organ in the Pauluskirche in Magdeburg

Standort:Magdeburg, St. Paulus
Erbauer:Albert Keates
Year of manufacture:1908
System:Pneumatic box drawer
Bellows system:Three double-convolution magazine bellows
Wind production:Electric/ Manual scoop operation
Tonal range:Manual C- c''''
Pedal C-f'


Pauline church in Magdeburg 

The Rühlmann organ in the Pauluskirche in Magdeburg has been restored to its original state with the disposition restored. The organ was built in 1896. An essential feature of the restoration was the installation of a sill housing according to original models. A special feature of the sill housing are the upwardly opened housing doors. This was necessary to ensure accessibility to the pipes of the first manual. It is interesting that for this organ the original cost estimate of Rühlmann is still available. This facilitated the reconstruction of missing registers.

Cathedral musician Matthias Mück on the restored Rühlmann organ: Once again I would like to express how much I enjoyed your recent restoration of the Rühlmann organ in St. Paul's Church in Magdeburg. I had not expected such a beautiful sound. The intonation is really very good and one can only congratulate on it. This organ is an absolute reference for your company. I am very pleased that we now have such a good instrument at our disposal...