On the way to the organ city

1000 years of organ building tradition in Halberstadt

A passion for tradition

Organ building in Halberstadt can look back on almost 1000 years of continuous organ building history. What could be more obvious for us as today's Halberstadt organ builders than to deal with the legacy of the old masters. The best known is certainly the first large organ in Halberstadt Cathedral, described by Michael Praetorius.

Another well-known musicologist who worked temporarily in Halberstadt was Andreas Werckmeister. Among the organ builders are Nikolaus Faber (builder of the cathedral organ described by Praetorius in 1361), Heinrich Compenius the Elder, David Beck, Christoph Contius, Adolarius Papenius, Ludwig Jesse, Christoph Boden und Söhne, Willhelm Bergen, Carl Voigt, Eduard Hülle, Willhelm Sohnle and many others. Since there are still many instruments from the past centuries in the Harz and Harz foreland communities, we were able to gain extensive experience in the field of restoration (see point repair and restoration). Through the constant contact with the works of the old masters, we learned to appreciate the craftsmanship, inventiveness and idealism of the individual generations of organ builders with whom they have shaped organ building in their time. It is with this understanding, our own experience from apprenticeships and journeymen, as well as the experience of master craftsman training and the exchange of ideas and ideas with other colleagues and musicians that we shape organ building in our time. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator