Repair of harmonies

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About 750,000 harmonies were produced in Germany, of which about 520,000 remained in Germany. Since 1990 there is no longer any serial production of the instruments. Nevertheless, many harmonies are still used today both in private and church settings because of their robustness, low susceptibility to interference and small space requirement.

In the course of the decades, however, wear and tear can also be observed on these instruments: Moth damage in felts, brittle and porous rubber blanket covers of ladle and magazine bellows, anobia infestation in wooden elements or soiling of the very sensitive flakes of the tongue. Often the surface of the harmonium case is damaged with regard to shellac polish or wooden veneers. As organ and harmonium builders, we naturally carry out all these tasks.

"The characteristic of its musical language compared to that of the organ is the ability of the individual note to express itself, and for this reason one does the instrument an injustice by treating it exclusively as a surrogate for the organ.

(Curt Sachs, Real Lexicon of Musical Instruments Berlin 1913)

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