Restoration and Repair

On the trail of the old master

Restoration in organ building means discovering the ideas of the respective master, both in terms of the external design of the instrument as well as in terms of his sense of sound and his craftsmanship. In this way, the "soul of an organ" is preserved according to its master and its history and brought back to life. Dealing with listed organs requires an individual solution that must include regular practical use by the community in addition to museum requirements. Conservation and repair are also carried out according to restorative standards and methods, which have a later restoration in mind and pave the way for them.


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From the Renaissance to the Late Baroque


Protestant Church in Lenzen


From early Romanticism to the organ movement


Catholic Church in Peine


Walcker Organ Großfurra

Church of St. Boniface Großfurra


St. Maria Church in Köthen


St. Paul's Church in Magdeburg

Reubke Organ

Protestant Church in Kroppenstedt

From Neo-Baroque to the present day

New Apostolic Church


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