Securing organs

During construction

In the event of damage to the building or during construction, it is important that the organ is secured. Here, a professional assessment of the extent to which the instrument is to be protected is necessary. The most common sources of danger for organs are dust, falling building materials or paint, moisture and moisture (leaking roof), unauthorized access to the instrument or to individual parts thereof.

Protection of organs

Against woodworm infestation

Small but also dangerous enemies of the organ are the woodworms. Once they have "gained a foothold", they can considerably impair the functioning of the organ. Early detection and selective wood protection treatment are recommended to prevent major damage.

If the woodworm infestation is already advanced, only a general wood protection treatment of the organ will help. Here it must be examined to what extent other wooden parts in the church are also infested by the woodworm and should be included in the control.

Work to be performed on a backup:

Protection of organs against mould